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Comments From a Few Clients:

Judy Ko, CMT


"I highly recommend Judy's massage service! As a serious amateur violinist and tennis player, I have very tight muscles in my neck, shoulders, arms, and in both my upper and lower back. Because of the unnatural positions that a violinist must play the instrument, a lot of muscle tension can build up in the shoulder and neck in particular. Judy was able to loosen all of these muscles up by using a combination of deep tissue massage and the Oriental Bar technique! I could tell within 5 minutes of Judy starting that she knew what she was doing because what she was doing "felt right" to me and the tension started dissipating very quickly. Judy's use of Thai massage / stretching techniques was also very effective in loosening up my lower back, hip and upper leg muscles.

While Judy is petite, she is very strong; she has strong arms and hands that can apply more than sufficient strength in relieving tense muscles! She also knows how to correctly apply leverage in delivering a professional massage. Judy was always careful to ask me throughout my massage session if she was applying too much pressure or if I felt pain so that she could adjust her massaging. My only regret is that I because I live in Chantilly, Virginia and only come to the Oakland Bay area several times a year, I am not able to use Judy's massage services more frequently. If I did live in the Oakland Bay area, I would be using Judy's massage services on a very regular basis and I have recommended my father and sister, who live in the bay area to use Judy for their massage needs!"


"What is bliss? Bliss in my case has been a euphoric discovery, after 34 years of searching. Judy Ko, you have given me the opportunity to have an active, vibrant life again.

My first session restored my flexibility to where it was ten years ago! I've been seeing chiropractors since I was a high school athlete. My pain over the years was becoming more and more unmanageable. Each time I'd begin a new workout regimen, I'd get flu-like symptoms after two weeks of working out. Doctors were saying I had fibromyalgia.

What I had were adhesions, developed through a vicious cycle of arthritis pain/inactivity/more pain. Judy, you intuitively knew how to attack my problem. I haven't seen a chiropractor since Oct. (And I really like my chiropractor), and my back and neck are holding up just fine.

Your deep tissue massage and power yoga stretches have kept my pain in check since my first session in Oct. '06. The real story, however, is that since Oct., I've been working out six days a week. Those workouts are at a higher intensity level than anything I've done since high school.

My life has changed dramatically. Happily, I have a new vicious cycle of feeling good/activity/feeling even better!

God bless you for the hopeful future you've given me,
Rich (richard_bockover@comcast.net)"


"I wanted to take a minute and let you know what a fantastic job I thought you did. As I told you I have been having professional massages on a semi regular basis for over 15 years. During this time I have seem countless therapists, and I have only had one other that I would put in the same league with you. What I found was someone who has a unique talent for understanding the body, and how to make it feel right. I truly believe you are gifted, your intuition of what needed work is is amazing.

I have to say I was a little skeptical that you could live up to the expectation set in your message and web site, but am happy to say you not only lived up to them but did exceed them. Within 15 minutes I knew I was being worked on by someone who knew what she was doing, and quite honestly lost track of the time after that. I just loved the stretching you did, you seemed to know just how far to push it without going too far.

My only regret now is that your location is almost 30 miles from my home, so seeing you on a regular basis will be more difficult than I would like. On a day like yesterday when I had the extra time it's great. Just wished you were in Fremont I would schedule sessions like clockwork. I can assure you that the next chance I get I will be scheduling another session.

Thank you for the great value and professionalism, but most of all for your "blissful" massage."


"Hi Judy. Thanks again for a truly great massage a couple of weeks ago. It was so effective in getting rid of my back pain (it is 80%+ better), I took the liberty of recommending you to a couple of people.


"I would recommend Judy to anyone who needs a professional massage therapist. Her work and professionalism shows on how she treats her clients with total respect and care. Judy cares about your needs and will make sure you get the massage you came for. Her massage work is intense yet soothing to every part of your muscles. I would highly recommend Judy for anyone; take it from me I've searched the whole bay area for a good massage therapist. And and about an average of 60% of therapist are not trained well and 30% are just all erotic that never really give you what you pay for. Judy is a true Massage Therapist and I will continue using her services to help me recover from my intense athletic training. Thank you Judy for all your hard work; with every massage that you give me makes my training better and I feel more refreshed and new so that I can work even harder the next following day..."


"Hi Judy!

There is no doubt that your service surpasses all expectations. Your knowledge & skill to do the best massage that my body can handle is a God given gift. I wish I had more time to avail of your services - I would be relieved of all aches & pains & my body would feel heavenly. Thanks a lot once again. Hope I can see you soon."


"Hi Judy!

Thanks a lot for sparing some of your time yesterday to give me the best massage I have ever had. You were strong - but so gentle & considerate that I did not feel any pain or discomfort afterwards. It was amazing - I need to talk to you about some of my observations & will do so on the phone or next time. You put in so much energy & you are very skilled - I look forward to getting all my aches & pains & joints being put back into good condition through you. Take care & continue to be a blessing to all whom you meet. I was blessed."


Thanks for the massage yesterday. I really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one. I wish I could get one from you every week! :) Make sure you keep me posted on when you are in San Jose so I can get an appointment with you. That was my first time getting that type of massage and I really liked it. What was the exact name of the style again?
Thanks again"


"thank you so much for the massage judy! it was fantastic and i feel so light and slept so well last night it was incredible. much appreciation!!!!!!"


"Awesome massage! I have tried many CMTs in bay area and Judy is the best I have experienced in terms of understanding my body and providing the massage that was , to put in one word 'heavenly'!! Ah, what a pure massage experience! Her thai stretches , believe me, will feel just phenomenal!"


" Got Therapist?

The young lady that posted this listing is top shelf in all areas. She is up front about being strictly legit and that is what I was looking for, someone that could handle a linebackers muscle issues. Her strength and technique is professional and she is also a witty and intelligent young lady. I would recommend her to anyone looking for relaxing and deep muscle work. Her energy is boundless. Prices are affordable. Did I mention that she is as cute as a button? I got me a therapist."

Disclaimer: There comments are directly copied and pasted from emails so all grammar includig typos will be left as is.