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Optional Medicupping

Hot Salt Stones soothe and relax while Medicupping helps remove blood stagnation and break fascia adhesions. For old chronic very stubborn injuries and conditions, optionally add guasha with medicupping for a more effective (and intense) treatment.
Time Rates
1 hr & 1/2 $228
2 hrs $296
2 1/2 hrs $363
3 hrs $428
3 1/2 hrs $498
4 hrs $565
Additional 15 mins $63

Deep Hand and Feet Combo with Optional Medicupping, Teishin, Vortex or Reiki.
Time Rates
1 hr & 1/2 $183
2 hrs $228
2 1/2 hrs $278
3 hrs $328
3 1/2 hrs $383
4 hrs $428
Additional 15 mins $35

Add-On Services Pricing
Services Regular Price
Vocal/Instrumental Tune Up $100
Vortex Healing
Chakra Balancing
Energy Work
Free to be included with each session
Gua Sha/Ultrasound $35 additional for 90 mins
$5 more for each 30 mins extra
Massage Tutorial (friends or partners are welcome to come and receive a tutorial during your session) $60 additional per student/observer
PDT Photofacial $35 Additional Flat Fee
Biomat $35 Additional Flat Fee
Hypervolt Vibration Gun $28 Additional Flat Fee

Outcall Services

    For outcalls, the price is $250 per hour with a requirement of 2 hours minimum. For locations greater than 7 miles from the office, a minimum of 7 hours is required with a $100 per hour for additional travel time. Outcalls are priced to account for the extra time and effort required to prepare and travel.

For visitors staying at a hotel nearby, taking an Uber or Lyft to the studio might be a better option.

Outcall Prices
Time Rates
2 hr $500
2 1/2 hrs $625
3 hrs $750
3 1/2 hrs $875
4 hrs $1000
4 1/2 hrs $1125
Additional 15 mins $63

Private Parties

    Private parties and company events are availible with outcall requirements and charges.


There is a 24 Hour Cancellation Rescheduling Policy. 24 Hours in advance is the minimum time required to change or cancel an appointment. Appointments that are canceled or rescheduled under that time period will be charged in the full amount of the session if it is left unfilled.

Same day appointments are possible depending on the time. If you want to schedule a same day, the 24 hour cancellation policy automatically applies. Please be 100 percent sure that you can make your appointment time before booking. It's like buying a nonrefundable unchangeable ticket. In the case that you can't make your appointment you are welcome to send friends or family to take your slot to not waste the cost of the session.

To make an appointment, please call or text Judy at (408) 569-2882. By making an appointment you agree to the cancellation policy.


Bliss is located permanently in Oakland, in Lake Merritt near the Wholefoods on Bay Street. We are also now offering appointments available on a limited basis in Gualala, CA. Since it is a private studio, the address is unlisted and will be given once the appointment is made. Thank you for understanding!